#KindStonesPeace – painting day

Painting the #KindStonesPeace took place in Worsley at the arena on Sept 20th from 3-7pm. There were lots of stones and paints to choose from. 94 beautiful rocks were decorated by a wide range of folks who attended.  A special thank you goes out to Corrine for making this event possible in Worsley.

Fairview had a painting day at the same time and they painted almost 150 stones. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Once a protective clear coating is applied to the stones they will be hidden around the local areas to be discovered by others. We will keep you posted on when this will take place.

Look for the hashtag on the back of each stone. If you find one please post a picture of it to the Northwest Peace Community Adult Learning facebook page. You can also use the hashtag and tweet your picture to the collection as well. If you do choose to keep the stone, let us know so we can place another out there somewhere. Otherwise, re-hide it for someone else to discover.

Our goal is to paint and place 1000 stones in the MD of Fairview and Clear Hills County area. Happy hunting and spread kindness wherever you are!




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