Literacy and essential skills: Canadian government

Literacy and essential skills are needed for work, learning and life; are the foundation for learning all other skills; and help people evolve with their jobs and adapt to workplace change.
Through extensive research, the Government of Canada, along with other national and international agencies, has identified and validated key literacy and essential skills. These skills are used in nearly every job and throughout daily life in different ways and at varying levels of complexity. The nine essential skills are reading, document use, oral communication, writing, numeracy, thinking skills, digital skills/computer use, working with others and life-long learning.

Alberta Learning Information Services (A.L.I.S)

Alis is the provincial gateway to career, learning and employment information that helps Albertans achieve success.
Alis provides information related to: career planning, post-secondary education and training, educational funding, job searches, labour market trends and workplace issues.
The Province of Alberta is working in partnership with the Government of Canada to provide employment support programs and services.

Community Learning Network (CLN) & CALP Portal

The Community Learning Network (CLN) is a provincial non-profit association and registered Canadian charity. Our mission is to support Community Adult Learning Programs (CALPs) through leadership, resources, training and connections. CALPs are grassroots community-based organizations funded by Alberta Advanced Education to provide, promote and increase access to foundational learning opportunities in areas such as: Adult Literacy, Numeracy, English Language Learning, Basic Digital Skills, Foundational Life Skills, Community Capacity Building

ABC Life Literacy Canada

ABC Life Literacy Canada® is a non-profit organization that inspires Canadians to increase their literacy skills. We connect and mobilize business, unions, government, communities and individuals to support lifelong learning and achieve our goals through leadership in programs, communications and partnerships. ABC Life Literacy Canada envisions a Canada where everyone has the skills they need to live a fully engaged life.